Watson Health

Watson Health needed overview videos to announce new offerings under government health and human services. This was my first IBM project that wasn’t targeted to technical people (CIOs, CTOs, developers, etc) so it was a bit of a challenge. I adjusted my thinking to craft scripts that would catch the attention of a non-technical audience for what’s usually a very technical product.

What I did:

  • Direct the writer in creating four scripts from the client’s use cases
  • Collaborate with the art director in creating the look & feel of the animations
  • Work with the director to cast, location scout, shoot, edit, and color correct the spot while also casting and directing the voiceovers
  • Guide the composer in creating original music
  • Coordinate with the project manager and account director to keep the project moving from the team and client-side
The client loved the videos. Cognitive child welfare has 200K+ views on YouTube, a huge amount for an IBM overview video. All the videos are being promoted one at a time on the Government Health & Human Services landing page. I recently recorded a second voiceover for cognitive care plans video for use in the UK market.