Partner Engagement Manager

Partner Engagement Manager is an IBM tool that allows customers using Sterling File Gateway a way to more easily manage network connections with their partners. They asked for an eye catching way to introduce the product to a select list of information architects. I directed the development of this unique 360 video that shows how IA’s feel about how they currently connect customers and how PEM makes it better. We also designed a mailer that included a coffee tumbler, a single-serving of coffee beans and an invitation to 30-minute “coffee break” webinar. The rest of the campaign included LinkedIn and Twitter ads, a LinkedIn InMail, and programmatic banner ads.

What I did:

  • Concept the spot
  • Work with the writer to craft the script
  • Collaborate with the director to cast, shoot, edit the footage of all the shots
  • Guide the composer in creating the spatial audio sound design
  • Coordinate with the project manager and account director to keep the project moving from the team and client side
Everything in the spot was shot individually, then masked out, distorted and composited together using After Effects, by a very patient animator. It’s one of the most complicated projects I’ve ever done.
(BTW, the 360 view doesn’t work in Safari so use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.)