IBM Watson Product Videos

We helped IBM to define the buyer’s journey for every product. That allowed us to target not only a specific audience, but to craft the message to the journey stage: Discovery, Learn, Try or Buy.

Watson Conversation

The Watson Conversation video above, is for the Discovery stage. Here we introduced viewers to Watson Conversation by briefly explain what it does and how it works. All of this handled with VO, stock footage and custom animations.

When the client requested the voiceover sound more humble, human and natural, I found a local actor and directed the recording, creating the unique voiceover heard here.

Watson Explorer

Watson Explorer needed something for the Try section of the buyer’s journey. At this point, viewers were familiar with the product, knew it could probably solve their issues and were know looking for more info about how it actually worked before contacting a sales agent to purchase or try a demo.

I directed and helped write this animated video showing three different scenarios of the products use.